While we are closed we have eggs for sale in a refrigerator on our South-facing porch.  It is self-service by the honor system.  If we get some spring greens they will be in there too, from time to time.

Crop Harvest Start Date End Date  
Asparagus May 5 June 15
Basil June 20 October 1
Beach Plums August 20 October 20
Beans, Green/Yellow July 10 October 1
Beans, Purple/Lima Various times midsummer Various times midsummer
Beets June 20 November
Blueberries July 20 August 30
Boc Choy June 20 November
Brocolli June 20 November
Cabbage, Green/Red June 20 November
Carrots June 25 November
Caulifower June 20 November
Chard June 10 November
Corn, Sweet July 30 (early crop July 15) October 15
Cucumbers June 20 October 1
Eggplant July 15 October
Flowers, Bunched June 10 October
Flowers, Dry Bunched September December
Garlic August 20 Sell Out
Garlic Scapes June 15 July 1
Gourds, Mixed September 20 December
Kale June 15 January 1
Leeks August 1 December
Lettuce, Head May 20 December
Lettuce, Mix May 21 Various times
Melons, Cantalope/Canary August 20 September 5
Melons, Sugar Baby/Stiper/Yellow Dahl August 20 September 30
Onions, Green June 10 July 20
Onions, Walla Walla August 1 September 1
Peaches August 15 September 20
Peas, Shelling June 20 July 15
Peas, Snap June 15 August 1
Peas, Snow Various times midsummer Various times midsummer
Peppers, Green July 20 November
Peppers, Red August 10 November
Peppers, Sweet Frying/Poblano/Ancho/Mixed Hot August 15 November
Peppers, Yellow/Orange/Jalapeņos August 12 November
Potatoes, Fingerling/Blue August 1 December
Potatoes, Red/White/Yukon/Russet July 01 December
Radishes, Red/D'Avignon All Spring and all Fall, various times All Spring and all Fall, various times
Rhubarb May 05 July 10
Scallions, Green/Red June 20 August 10
Soy Beans August 15 October 1
Spinach May 25 July 4
Squash, Summer June 20 October 1
Squash, Winter September 20 December
Strawberries June 10 July 10
Sunflowers July 25 September
Tomato, Field August 05 October
Tomato, Greenhouse May 25 July 15
Tomato, High Tunnels July 15 October
Turnip, Baby Bunched October on, various times October on, various times

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Farmstand Hours
Monday - Saturday 9AM to 6 PM
Sunday 10am to 5PM June-October